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Startup Incubator for Second Life

Not Just An Incubator

Dover Business Exchange has been on the grid since 2006.  From our time in Second Life, we have gained a wealth of knowledge on the operation of business on the grid. Additionally, the leadership of DBX has a long starting place in the real world startup community having worked with startups from Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, and Founder Institute.

Incubation of businesses in Second Life is just the start. We are growing a community around startups on the grid. Our goal is to help you devise definitive plans for customer discovery, technology, and pricing models that create brand awareness and profitability. The knowledge of real life business and business on the grid will give you a stronger presence to evaluate your business with industry professionals.

Your Business, the Second Life way

There are key points to hit when starting a business in Second Life that many miss. Brands pop up and disappear due to the lack of planning and development which leaves customers seeking alternatives. The churn of businesses affect the grid negatively. We seek to fix that.

We help you develop for the long haul by creating strategic  plans that eliminate premature investment in a project that will not be successful. Dover BX also assists in locating investments, growing teams, and overall product development.

Forget About Doomed Startups
Doomed Startups are businesses that are slated to fail before they even start. These companies lack proper planning, funding, contingency plans, and product development. We assist you with creating a market to test your minimum viable product before you waste a linden. Through incubation and mentorship, we prepare you for all facets of development to ensure long term success and scalable growth.
Evolve with Ease
Many possess the ideas but fewer avatars have the knowledge to monetize ideas. Dover BX provides you with a realm to evolve your idea to a feasible project with low risk. Your ideas deserve the attention of industry leaders and customers that will make it a success. The community we help you build around your idea will help you with your goals.
“I sit here trolling in the Gor Hub everyday. I should monetize this.”
– Some avatar trolling in the Gor Hub
Our Founder
Lindsay Dover
Founder & CEO
Business Development Evangelist
Lindsay Dover has been on the grid since 2006 and was the CEO of one of the first companies ever virtually publicly traded on the grid at World Stock Exchange, L&L Rentals and Sales. Since then, Lindsay developed the L&L Brand across multiple industries until it was rebranded at Dover Business Exchange in 2012. Through the revitalization of Dover BX, Lindsay seeks to reunite the business community of Second Life with real world ideals applied to the virtual world.

In Lindsay’s real life, she is the Founder & CEO of a local 501(c)3 non-profit incubator disrupting diversity and inclusion, Director of a chapter for an International accelerator, and actively assists startups as an advisor, mentor, and angel. She is also the Founder & CEO of a 501(c)3 non-profit entrepreneurship education program for under privileged teenagers. She has built her life around business ownership and seeks to give back to the grid in the same manner.

Pre-Register Now
Before we spend the time and money to bring real life unicorns and startup leaders to the grid, we want to make sure the grid is willing, able, and ready for the next step. The curriculum for the program is comprised of strategies from the 5 leading incubators/accelerators coupled with the culture of Second Life. We are here to help you. Let us know you want the help. Pre-registration gains you access to beta materials and your voice will be heard in our inital growth.
Let’s get started.

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